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My Lost Connections 

In My Lost Connections animation, I focus on the visual techniques I have learned in my B.A degree as a painter, also in my M.A and M.F.A Degree as a concept artist, animator, and motion graphics. So, it is mixing 2D and 3D.
The story of this animation is based on my experiences. I was a traveler in most parts of my life. I was a teenager, and my trips were started. I went to another city in my country as a student, and when I decided to go abroad, I went to different countries. During these trips, I was always thinking about the most precious stuff to bring by myself, and I had to choose some parts of them. Consistently, I am thinking about the weight and size of my stuff, even choosing my memories and friends or family. Living as a traveler is complex, and I have to think about my stuff priorities. Besides this, as an Iranian student who came to the USA in most cases with a single visa, it will be more complicated because you can not come back to Iran until you have a green card, and it takes at least five years to have it. So going to the USA is a big decision.  
It is my life, and this kind of living leads me to produce an experimental animation to show a part of my concerns. To produce it, I gathered the Iranian students' voices who came to the USA and visualized their feelings.

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